Competitive Dancing

Ballroom and Latin Team

One of the main activities of IC Dance Club is competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing, also known as Dancesport.

For those interested in going to competitions, we run classes at three levels: beginners, novice and intermediate/advanced. For beginners, we have the Beginners Team. For more experienced dancers who want more practice and to devote themselves to dancing as much as they can, we have the Main Team. The Beginners Team and the Main Team together form Imperial College Dance Team (ICDT or the Team for short), which represents Imperial in the various university competitions during the year!

Beginners Team

If you’ve been inspired by shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, or just want to try a sport that combines grace and musicality with athleticism, then the Beginners Team has a lot to offer!

The Beginners Team is specifically for absolute beginners who have little or no prior experience in Ballroom or Latin dancing. The classes start in October and there are two practices every week. You will begin by learning four dances, two ballroom (Waltz and Quickstep) and two latin (Cha-cha-cha and Jive).

After the first few weeks, you will be paired up with a partner. At the end of November you will go to your first competition with the rest of the Team! We usually go at least 3 university competitions a year, where teams from different universities compete against each other. The beginners dance in their own category, so, although it may seem scary at first, you will be competing against people at the same level of experience. Competitions are one of the most entertaining and challenging parts of the Beginners Team, they give you a motivation to improve, as well as being amazingly fun team trips!

As you progress through the year, you will be hearing more and more about the other six dances. These will be taught after the last university competition at the beginning of March.

The full schedule can be found here.

For more information on our beginners team email

Main Team

The Main Team is composed of our most committed dancers above beginner level. The Main Team have a practice supervised by our instructors every Saturday (1.5 hours for Ballroom and 1.5 hours for Latin) and are expected to attend the relevant Saturday Technique workshops. In addition, the Main Team have a structured practice every Wednesday evening and another during Saturday daytime.

Our Main Team includes dancers who have just graduated from the Beginners Team, all the way up to the most advanced couples. The commitment to regular practice, rather than ability is the requirement to join the Main Team.

Being on the Main Team is a fantastic opportunity. For a start, we have coaches of an extremely high standard who truly devote themselves to their students.

For more information about joining the Main Team, contact our team captains. The Main Team is priced differently from the rest of the classes – see the FAQ section for details.

Technique Workshops

We run 3 hours of higher level Ballroom and Latin classes every Saturday for both Ballroom and Latin. The aim of these classes is to focus on underlying technique and learn new steps to add to your repertoire. These classes are taught by our world-class professional instructors and are perfect for taking your dancing to the next level. We run Novice level classes and Intermediate/Advanced level classes. Check the timetable for more details.

The Novice Technique classes are extremely useful for Ballroom and Latin dancers who have 6 months or more experience. You will spend time on Waltz, Quickstep, Cha-cha-cha and Jive, and work on improving aspects or steps often encountered in routines, such as holding your frame or spinning. You will also learn to perform steps from a third dance in a style that you might not be so familiar with (such as Tango or Samba).

In the Intermediate/Advanced Technique classes, the steps are broken down much further, and more attention is paid to body movement, connecting with your partner, and so on. The level of these classes is quite high, so talk to the coach if you are unsure whether to go to Novice or Int/Adv.
They are very useful classes and your dancing will improve tremendously if you take even a little time to practise what you’ve learned before the next lesson.

Technique practices are also very suitable for people who really want to dance competitively, but do not yet have a partner. Apart from upkeeping and improving your dancing, they are meant to act as a platform for single dancers to meet other dancers of their level.


One of the most exciting aspects of being part of IC Dance Team is competing together as a team. During term 1 and 2 the majority of the university competitions throughout the UK take place, and we traditionally attend three of them. This culminates with the Inter-Varsity Dance Competition, held in Blackpool – the biggest and most important university competition of the year.

After Blackpool is the second part of the competitive season when we attend open circuit competitions. These do not distinguish between students and ex-students as in the university circuit.

University circuit competitions

  • Nottingham Varsity Competition (November)
  • Southern University Dance Competition (Early February)
  • Inter Varsity Dance Competition (Late February)

Open circuit competitions

  • Epsom Trophy Day (May)
  • Stars of the Future (June)
  • Bournemouth Summer Festival (July)