Do I need a partner?
Where does it take place?
How much does it cost?
How do I get membership?

Do I need a partner?

For the larger part of our lessons – no! At all beginner classes you will get rotated in order to try out dancing with different people. A partner is needed if and when you decide to compete in national competitions as part of our Teams; there is however definitely no need to bring a partner with you to try out the classes – bring a friend along instead for some extra fun!

If you are an experienced dancer looking for a partner, the best place to come is the Main Team Trials at the start of the year. If you missed it, just come to one of the Technique classes – you will find other people of similar level to yours at these classes. However, to be part of the Main Team and attend the additional Main Team practice, you will need to have a partner.

Where does it take place?

All Classes take place in the JCR. Note that without membership you will only be able to attend scheduled lessons and won’t be able to use these as practice spaces.
Imperial Campus Map
Union Rooms Map

JCR: The Junior Common Room is number 20 on the map; the entrance is opposite number 15.

Union Rooms: The Union Dining Hall (UDH) and the two Activity Spaces (UAS1 and UAS2) are located on the 1st floor of the Imperial College Union building (number 2 on the map), located in Beit Quad. The Union Concert Hall (UCH) is on the 2nd floor.

EEE: The Electrical & Electronic Engineering building is number 16 on the map.

How much does it cost?

Non-competitive Ballroom and Latin, Salsa and Bachata classes can be purchased during the class.
Those who wish to join the Teams or Performance Groups are required to purchase a Team pass for the whole term. The prices are set at the beginning of each term.
For more details view the Products page.

What’s that buzz about free lessons?

To give you a chance to explore what’s on offer, we run free taster sessions in October. The fastest way to hear about any deals we have is to subscribe to our mailing list or join our facebook groups.
You can find links to them in the Contact section.

How do I get membership?

Imperial College students and Union members can become members of IC Dance Club by purchasing membership online here. Once you’ve done that, bring a copy of your confirmation email to any class and we will give you a membership card.
The membership is valid for the entire academic year.

What if I am not a current IC student?

Other Further or Higher Education students, as well as Imperial ex-students and staff can also join and will need the following: Imperial College Union Membership AND IC Dance Club Membership.
Instructions on how to buy Imperial College Union Membership can be found here.